Audio Post-production

Voice Recording

We accompany you competently in artist selection, booking and directing.

Whether for advertising, image film, podcast, e-learning, audio book, waiting loop or other.

Dubbing & ADR

Do you only need a few takes for your film or a whole series? A dialogue book, directing, sound editing or production supervision?

sound Editorial

From the single sound to the complete sound design. Whether for cinema, TV, event or your sound installation. We have the right sounds, concepts and tailor-made solutions for you.



Sound Mixing

For 2 or 16 speakers. Whether TV, Internet, 5.1, 9.1, 13.1 or object-based, whether Binaural or 360° VR, Dolby Atmos Home certified, Auro 3-D, DTS-X or SpatialSound Wave for planetariums.

For TV, cinema, home cinema, events, planetariums or opera houses. We have the necessary professional and technical know-how.

Music Archive

We have an extensive in-house interactive music archive for fast and uncomplicated licensing. If you wish, we can also put together music castings for you in advance of your production.

We will advise you on the selection as well as on copyright issues.


Bring emotions, visions, images to life through music. This is a challenge that we dedicate ourselves to with passion. We work with a pool of composers from all musical fields.