Music Production

LIve Mitschnitt

From solo artists to symphony orchestras. We record your concert. Worldwide. From 2.0 stereo to 3D Immersive. Also with video in 4k UHD..


Whether solo artist or ensemble. We will find the right rooms for you.

Music Editorial

Today, music editing is an elementary part of every production. With great attention to detail we develop the artistic moment of each recording.

Music Mixing

In the mix we combine all musical elements to a sound unity. From 2.0 stereo to 9.1.4 immersive - we cover all sound formats.


Mastering combines artistic creativity with technical perfection. This allows the sound to unfold optimally - whether on a high-end stereo system, in a club, on the radio or on TV.


At the highest level we restore tapes and revive the music they contain. To this day, countless recordings have been saved from decay and re-released.